This page lists some general purpose visualization work that are currently geared towards visualizing environmental (meteorologic and oceanographic) data sets. The work listed here are mostly part of the visualization component of REINAS. REINAS is an acronym for Real-time Environmental Information Network and Analysis System and is a system that supports real-time data acquisition, data management, and data visualization of regional scale environmental science.

REINAS Visualization Supporting realtime data acquisition, management, and visualization of environmental data at a regional scale.

PET Slug Visualizing met-station, interpolated wind, and wind profiler products for the Monterey Bay area, and VRML terrain for any region of the world.

Spray Rendering Presenting the benefits, conceptual design, issues and the directions of spray rendering.

CSpray: Collaborative Visualization Providing a small group of geographically distributed scientists the means of sharing their data and interactively creating visualizations and analyzing them.

Mix-and-Match An environment in which users can interactively create different visualization methods, encapsulating most of the existing visualization algorithms.

Bump Mapping Vector Fields Alternative ways of looking at vector fields that complement existing flow visualization methods.

Directional Flow Visualization Interactive flow visualization methods that highlight directional information in the flow field, and reduce the amount of data being displayed.

Uncertainty Glyphs New vector glyphs to visualize uncertain winds and ocean currents.

3D Clouds From Satellite Data Processing multispectral satellite imagery to load into our environmental database on the UCSC/ NPS/MBARI-- REINAS project.

Map Projections A new method for interactive visualization of distortion in map projections, using a floating ring on the spheroid (globe) that can be interactively positioned and scaled.

Visualization Tools for Data Assimilation Presenting a suite of visualization tools to aid scientists in performing their data assimilation analyses.

Web Visualization of Environmental Data Providing REINAS weather visualization products on the web as both images and VRML worlds.

Uncertainty Discs Applying RDTs to data with uncertainty.

NEXRAD Data Visualization Dealing with gridded datasets with large number of missing values.


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