Uncertainty Visualization Methods and tools for visualizing uncertainty, and comparative visualization techniques and applications.

Tensor Visualization Methods for visualizing tensor fields and applications.

Flow Visualization Different works related to vector field visualization.

Information Visualization and Visual Analytics Visual analytics and information visualization tools, techniques, and applications.

Applications in Biology / Bioinformatics Use of audio / visual techniques to present data for similarity measurements in DNA and amino acid sequences, and protein structures.

Virtual Reality in Scientific Visualization Applying virtual reality technology to facilitate scientific visualization.

Environmental Visualization Some general purpose visualization work that are geared towards visualizing environmental (atmospheric and oceanographic) data sets.

Massively Parallel Volume Rendering through the Net Techniques for massively parallel volume rendering on the MasPar MP-2.

Animal Modeling and Animation Anatomical and physiological principles applied to model and animate animals and humans.

Isosurfaces, D.V.R., Hierarchies, Irregular Grids Isosurface extraction, direct volume rendering, hierarchical data structures, visualization of curvilinear and other irregularly gridded data, visualization of time-varying grids, and interpolation between sample data points.

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